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What sets The Climate Board apart is our team. They are responsible for the research, insights, and expertise that drive our company and equip our clients with data, analytics and actionable intelligence that helps forge solutions.

Angela Paulk

Chief Executive Officer details

Kate Wister

Research Consultant details

Dawn Wells

Consultant details

Jay Kolina

Analyst details

Phoebe Landsman

Analyst details

Iman Fardghassemi

Analyst details

Daniel St. Thomas Smith

Network Development Executive details

Keith Campbell

Editorial Consultant details

Rob Glen

Advisory Board Member details

Michael Van Vleck

Co-Founder details

Rob Griffen

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman details

Andrea Blackman

Advisory Board Member details

Neale D'Rozario

Head of Technology details

Javier Hernandez Ibanez

Senior Advisor, Europe details

Ken Bruder

Co-Founder details
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