The Climate Board was founded on the belief that knowledge-sharing is crucial to accelerating climate action. Many leaders and organizations are trying to solve the same problems simultaneously and independently—but action is critical and time is short. Our work brings solutions, supported by experience and evidence, to drive speed and progress.

what we believe

Climate action is an immediate business imperative in every sector.

Long-run climate forecasts and global-level concerns tend to obscure the urgency and
specificity of the challenges companies face today. The rising physical risks posed by a
warming planet – fires, floods, droughts, and more – demand adaptation in advance of
disaster, not in response to it. Economic pressure to reduce emissions is already
mounting, too. Capital flows are changing in response to investors’ ESG preferences.
Market share in both consumer-driven and B2B industries is shifting. Labor markets
operate differently now as talented workers begin to incorporate sustainability criteria
into their career plans. Regulatory pressure is mounting all over the world. The
impacts to your business are not waiting for 2030 or 2050, and no organization is immune to
these pressures.

The time has come and gone when signals of good intent were enough to yield returns.
Meaningful emission reduction targets are quickly becoming a baseline requirement, and
differentiation now depends on a company’s ability to hit those targets, not just to set
them. Executives who drive the climate transition will write the rules of the emerging
low-carbon economy—and will be better positioned to thrive within it. Their companies
will be more nimble and more resilient – not just to physical risks, but to supply chain
disruptions, market shocks, regulatory and political shifts, changes in consumer
behavior, and other developments. Climate action builds strength in your business’s

Companies that take real action now will fare better in the climate-conscious economy.

Climate action stalls because of factors that are predictable, observable, and addressable.

The root cause of a company’s slow progress toward climate goals is rarely a lack of good
ideas. Instead, those good ideas get lost in a sea of mediocre ones, are not adequately
resourced, or can’t be sustained because of disconnects between stakeholders.. While the
details vary from company to company and industry to industry, the general pattern does
not. There is much to be learned from the successes and failures of others, and The
Climate Board’s purpose is to facilitate that learning. You are not alone on your
climate journey.

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