The resources on this page provide a framework to be used by organizations in the early and interim stages of their sustainability journey to determine key activities as they move beyond thinking about sustainability as an external concern, toward understanding that management of sustainability risks and opportunities is key to business success. The Q&As listed below (and included in the downloadable report) address specific points of confusion common throughout the transition and offer guidance informed by The Climate Board’s network of expert advisors, who bring years of experience in corporate sustainability to solving these challenges.

Angela Paulk


Jackie Roberts


Sara Boettiger


Andrea Blackman


Dawn Wells


Internal & External Stakeholder Management

  1. Sustainability Leadership in C-Suite - Sara Boettiger
  2. How to Think About Governance - Angela Paulk
  3. Impact Assessment and Reporting from Scratch - Dawn Wells
  4. Engaging with Ratings Agencies - Andrea Blackman

Executing a Sustainability Strategy

  1. An Enterprise Approach to Risk - Sara Boettiger
  2. Developing Effective Sustainability Messaging - Jackie Roberts
  3. How Investors Look at Supply Chains - Andrea Blackman

Measuring Performance

  1. Embedding Sustainability in the Enterprise - Sara Boettiger
  2. Valuing Financial & Product Innovation - Andrea Blackman
  3. How to Think About Third Party Certifications - Jackie Roberts
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