Just Released: Fleet Electrification

The Climate Board is pleased to announce the release of its latest research on fleet electrification. It is clear that electric vehicles will occupy a growing role in corporate fleets, but it is less certain how companies will weather the transition. The Climate Board has conducted extensive research to support business leaders with evaluating, purchasing, and operationalizing electric fleet vehicles to navigate the shift deftly and avoid struggling through missteps.

Members of The Climate Board can follow the links below to access three resources developed throughout the research process and avoid major roadblocks:

This primer will outline the motivations and practical challenges of electrifying fleets, as well as the essential first steps to prepare for successful fleet electrification.

Engaging critical stakeholders is a key element of any major transformation; for EVs, ensuring driver comfort with new equipment is critical to the success of EV programs. This interview explores how company drivers perceive and experience EVs, providing insight into ensuring a smoother transition away from combustion vehicles.

This worksheet will help sustainability leaders begin evaluating both how fleet electrification will take shape at their companies and how their unique business needs will impact the equipment, funding, buy-in and time needed to successfully transform their companies’ fleets.


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