Just Released: The Role of Carbon Offsets in Corporate Decarbonization

The Climate Board is pleased to announce the release of its latest research, The Role of Carbon Offsets in Corporate DecarbonizationThe information in this three-part research was gathered and distilled from conversations with leaders in the financial services, consumer goods, tech, construction and apparel sectors, as well as stakeholders in the voluntary carbon market. It explores how carbon offsets will fit alongside other emissions reduction tactics as companies progress toward their net-zero targets and illuminates opportunities for additional financial and reputational benefits.

Insights drawn from the research:

  1. Carbon offsets will be an important part of nearly every company’s decarbonization strategy because reaching absolute zero is nearly impossible.
  2. In the short term, companies have options for incorporating carbon offsets to claim specific reputational and/or financial advantages.
  3. Prices will rise in the future, which makes early planning even more imperative.
  4. The structure of the voluntary carbon market remains in flux, though the International Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets and the Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity initiative are steering the market toward higher quality offerings and more stringent guidelines for claiming offsets, respectively.
  5. Certain conditions should be met before embarking on a carbon offset trajectory to reduce the risk of greenwashing accusations, including setting up short- and long-term decarbonization targets.

Intended audiences:

  • Sustainability decision makers considering purchasing offsets and
  • Interested leaders from the finance and strategy functions who want to know more about carbon offsets, perhaps to effectively evaluate proposed carbon offset strategies.

Content highlights:

  • Introduction to carbon offsets and the voluntary market, including explanations of cost, quality, and why they’re important for every company with a net-zero target
  • In-depth explanations of 3 strategic carbon offset trajectories
  • A look at the future of the market and how it’s likely to change in the coming years
  • A 5-step process to act on this report and purchase offsets for a company

Download the Executive Summary 

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