Just Released: Sustainable Debt Primer: Four Steps to Follow Before Entering the Market

The Climate Board is proud to announce the release of its latest report, Sustainable Debt Primer: Four Steps to Follow Before Entering the Market. Addressed to those who are new to the sustainable debt space, this primer provides a framework to help business leaders maximize their sustainable debt opportunity. Corporate sustainability leaders who are seeking additional financing and working to integrate ESG goals within company strategy will find the outlined steps helpful.

The report following this primer (to be released in Fall 2022) will take a deeper dive into what a borrowing company can do to maximize advantages, with insights and recommendations from issuers, institutional investors, and more.

Four steps from the primer:

  1. Understand the market, including overall growth trends, popularity of each green debt tool, supply and demand characteristics, and the potential impact of inflation.
  2. Decide which sustainable debt tool is right for you, based on each instrument’s type, use of proceeds, and purpose.
  3. Know the circumstances that could advance your company’s financial standing, reputation, project alignment, and insulation from financial volatility.
  4. Assess upfront monetary and non-monetary costs to determine the appropriate budgeting and resource allocation decisions.

Content includes: Snapshots and case examples that highlight practices and conditions associated with successful green debt offerings.

Intended audience: Finance and sustainability leaders of companies interested in entering the sustainable debt market to support their companies’ sustainability strategies and green projects.

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