Just Released: Renewable Energy Procurement and Aggregated PPAs

The Climate Board is pleased to announce the release of its latest research, a Guide to Renewable Power Procurement, plus a Spotlight on Aggregated PPAs. The renewable energy landscape is complicated, and there are many ways to make claims about renewable power. We spoke to companies operating market platforms and those who have already evaluated their options before settling on an aggregated PPA. This work is a resource for those in the early stages of the journey or looking to build on their existing renewable portfolio, to grow their own knowledge or communicate with other stakeholders.

The insight note begins with a summary of the most common renewable energy choices available to companies in the market, noting key characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks to help sustainability leaders get started identifying the best fit for their company. Next, the note focuses on the aggregated PPA— the problems it solves, new challenges that arise, and what companies can expect during the development of the project. Interspersed with the text are case studies of existing aggregated PPAs to provide a look at real-world examples of successful projects and the lessons learned.

Check out the research and download the summary here.

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