Just Released: Accelerating Decarbonization of Construction and Infrastructure.

The Climate Board is proud to announce the release of its latest research report, Accelerating Decarbonization in Construction and Infrastructure: Five Recommendations for Industry Leaders. Focused on the most common barriers to widespread adoption of low carbon materials, methods, and technologies, this report offers a proactive and practical vision for migrating the construction and infrastructure industries toward a decarbonized future. Leaders throughout project value chains will benefit from clearly stated strategic recommendations illustrated by real-world case examples.

With this report, The Climate Board continues its service to the construction and infrastructure industries. The insights in the study are the fruit of ongoing research efforts involving dozens of research calls with industry experts, extensive tracking of market and technological developments, and network-building activity including a multi-stakeholder roundtable held in March 2022 in partnership with Transurban, a founding member of The Climate Board.

Insights from the report:

  1. Scalable progress depends on incumbent leaders, not on external disruptors. Companies expecting the overall pace of decarbonization to be set mainly by technological breakthroughs or by regulatory imperatives are consigning themselves to passive positions. Active evolution driven by today’s leaders is critical if decarbonization is to benefit the business in the long run.
  2. Most companies have practical opportunities to build momentum toward decarbonization without undermining core business objectives. A bit of savvy in project selection and forethought in initiative planning helps companies build the skills and experience necessary for eventual large-scale decarbonization.
  3. Carbon-conscious conversations need to happen earlier and more often. In too many cases, emissions targets or other environmental concerns are sideline concerns held only by a few stakeholders. Certain reasonable and feasible modifications to project planning (described in the report) bring the right voices and perspectives into the light and enable efficient, consensus-driven carbon reduction.

Intended audience: Business leaders throughout project value chains, including project owners, developers, engineers, designers, materials manufacturers, financial partners, public sector partners, and others.

Content highlights:

  • Conceptual overview of opportunities and obstacles
  • 5 strategic recommendations for building momentum toward decarbonization at scale
  • Case profiles of organizations and technologies that exemplify the recommendations
  • Field guide to emerging technologies

Download the Executive Summary 

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