Friction Points in Fashion & Textiles: Removing Barriers and Accelerating Climate Action

The Climate Board is pleased to announce the publication of Friction Points in Fashion & Textiles: Removing Barriers and Accelerating Climate Action in collaboration with Textile Exchange.

Climate+, a strategic plan from Textile Exchange, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fiber and materials by 45% by 2030. Working with over 40 fashion, apparel, footwear, and textile brands, retailers, and suppliers, The Climate Board uncovered the actions companies can take to drive accelerated progress toward the Climate+ objective. Along the way, we diagnosed several friction points – things that slow progress – in each stage of the climate journey, from goal-setting through internal alignment to supply chain transformation.

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The Climate Board Partners with Textile Exchange to Accelerate Achievement of Climate+ Goals

At its 2020 Sustainability Conference, the Textile Exchange, a global organization representing leading brands, retailers, and suppliers, introduced the details of Climate+, a new strategic plan aiming to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the fiber industry by 45% by 2030. The idea of Climate+ came together through extensive stakeholder engagement with Textile Exchange members and non-members representing brands, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, nonprofits and professional services around the world.

Climate+ incorporates six specific strategic objectives that are aimed at reducing GHGs while amplifying the positive impacts of soil health, water and biodiversity:

● Increase the uptake of preferred fibers

● Proliferate regenerative agricultural practices

● Mitigate degrading land use practices

● Support the transition to renewable power

● Encourage innovation and circularity

● Improve data quality and measurement

To further these goals and provide critical insight to drive collective action, the Textile Exchange has partnered with The Climate Board to uncover the array of metrics that leading organizations are using to drive their climate strategies, with a focus on fiber-specific impacts and GHG reductions. Through this work, member organizations will get exclusive insight into best practices in developing, executing, and measuring the effectiveness of fiber strategies. This work will enable rapid industry acceleration toward GHG reductions and adoption of consistent metrics.

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